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A specialist corporate law service for solicitors and accountants

We offer a wide range of legal services to ensure your client's company is protected.

Whether you are dealing with a major company purchase or a small company formation we have the expertise to make sure legal obligations are fulfilled with the minimum fuss and expense.

Company and business purchase

The purchase (or sale) of a Company or business can be extremely demanding.  Small oversights can have disproportionately adverse consequences.  We offer many years of professional experience of such transactions, large and small.
Asking the right questions at the beginning of a business sale/purchase can save your client time, money and risk –
A prospective Buyer should be invited to consider the pros and cons of buying either shares in the target company or the business of the target company.

Buying; - as a “rule of thumb”, it is better for a buyer to buy the business of a target company, rather than the shares in the target company.

Selling; - at an early stage, a prospective Seller should investigate the source of the prospective Buyer’s funds for the purchase.  If substantial funding is to be obtained from a financial institution, this may give rise to significant extra or duplicated investigation of the target company and extra negotiation of documentation.  Both could substantially increase the Seller’s professional costs. 

Reddings Corporate Law has handled successful company sales and purchases in many different areas of business :

  • Event Management
  • Healthcare Products
  • Hotels
  • Property Development
  • Tyre Sales
  • Freight Forwarding
  • Publishing
  • Nursing Care Agency
  • Marine Engineering
  • Debt Collection
  • Golf Courses
  • Chemical Products


Commercial Agreements – Joint Venture Agreements – Shareholder Agreements

By advising fully and promptly you can “oil the wheels” of the negotiation process and actively assist in ensuring that a deal is successfully concluded.  We have very considerable experience of setting up joint ventures and commercial arrangements from the small to the multi-million pound venture. See our case study >>

E-MAIL us for a free copy of Model Heads of Agreement for a Shareholders Agreement.

Company Procedures

If your client company wishes, for example, to purchase its own shares or remove an unwanted Director, we give detailed guidance upon the formalities required.

If your client company has been struck off the Register of Companies, we will advise upon the restoration procedure.

Company Reconstructions, Mergers and Demergers

Organising and advising upon the implementation of a company reconstruction, merger or demerger can be complex and is made the more difficult if you cannot escape from your telephone.  We provide comprehensive advice as well as all of the documents, forms, minutes and other papers which you need to execute your client’s plans to the satisfaction of the Companies Registrar and the HMRC.

Loan Documents

We draft debentures and loan stock documents. See Case Studies


We have much experience of dealing with Charity Commission and the special needs of Charity Companies.
Find out more about the charity we support:

Divorce and the Family Company

We can assist in the planning and documentation of apportionment of corporate assets upon separation and divorce.  See Case Studies


Company Formations

You may only want help with a straightforward company formation.

We form companies limited by shares, companies limited by guarantee, property management companies, charity companies, charity trading companies and companies set up for the running of clubs.  We have advised leading building companies upon the content of Articles of Association for their property management companies.  If you are not sure what you require, then telephone us.

Click here for Company Incorporation Forms

Company Law for the Conveyancing Department

Property management companies which own or manage the freehold of blocks of flats are very common.  However, not all are satisfactorily constituted.  See the cautionary tale in our Case Studies.

Company Searches

We provide a Company Search service which is fast and economical and can be tailored to your particular requirements. 
Click here for Company Search Order Form

Changes in Company names, Share Capital and Articles

We do not make mountains out of molehills.  We are happy to deal with changes of company names, the creation of different classes of share and alterations to Articles.  We will advise you of the simplest method of achieving your clients’ requirements.

Company Secretarial Work

We provide a Company Secretarial service.  See Case Studies

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